An adventuring party formed six months ago at Elsir’s Crossing. They left the small community and headed east to Brindol. Stopping over in the town fate brought them their first source of work to prove themselves. That night while enjoying themselves at The Antler and Thisle, the town was attacked by an army of goblins, calling themselves the Red Hand. The Lion Guard of Brindol managed to push back the aggressors, but not before townspeople were captured and relics were stolen. The party was asked to go rescue the townspeople and retrieve the artifacts that were stolen.

The Stormwolves traveled north to Rivenroar and descended into the catacombs of the old castle. Braving their way through the catacombs they managed to rescue all the prisoners. For the most part they were not injured to badly, but for one who was found dead. They finally found the leader of the army guarding the last artifact they were to recover. Having defeated, Sinruth, the group found an odd note.

Brave Sinruth,
The Red Hand will rise again! The other remnants take great cheer in your recent attacks on commerce coming into The Blight That is Brindol.
We’re particularly pleased with your ability to inspire a fighting spirit in others, whether they have true goblin blood or merely wish they did. To be blunt, we think you should have many more soldiers under your command. Many, many more.
And recent events have rendered some remnants leaderless. with a bold stroke on your part, the remnants would rally to the Red Hand you so proudly display.
As your bold stroke, do this: Attack the The Blight That is Brindol by night. Focus your efforts on their Hall of Great Valor, for it mocks the many hard-won victories by the first Red Hand of Doom. Take from them the spoils of war they shamelessly hang on their walls and bring those antiques back to Rivenroar.
Do this before the moon is next full. And with regard to your previous question, turning over captives to your unliving allies at Rivenroar is perfectly acceptable. War sometimes makes strange bedfellows, and we appreciate how you’ve united such disparate forces under your banner. Whatever prisoners you take from Rivenroar you can give to the wight.
Fight with the valor of your ancestors, Sinruth. And keep your hands stained red with the blood of the weak!
I will visit you again next month, at a time of my choosing.

The Emissary

Once finished with Sinruth, the group made the trek back to Brindol with a retinue of townspeople and retrieved artifacts. The group was rewarded for their efforts and told of a call to arms that had been issued throughout the Vale to defend it from a massive army of orcs from the badlands.



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