War is upon us! Ever has Bordrin’s Watch stood fast. An Orcish Horde of mass never seen is marching toward the gates. If this horde is allowed to pass there shall not be peace in Elsir Vale.
This is a call to arms of all able bodies to aid in defense of Bordrin’s Watch. With aid the horde will be slaughtered, their blood painted on the mountain walls as a reminder that none shall pass into these lands!

A week ago, a call to arms sounded throughout the Elsir Vale, summoning warriors to help defend Bordrin’s Watch in the Stonehome Mountains far to the west. Word of an army of orcs on the march and spread through the Vale for months, but now it appeared the rumors were true.

You and your companions have heard the call to arms. Whether you and your companions chose to march on to Overlook for glory and honor or to protect the homes and land you love is a matter of opinion. One your journey you come across other who have made the same decision as you. Many are not even soldiers or warriors, but simple townspeople.

Upon reaching Overlook you are stunned at the sheer size of the city. Even from the distance you can make out its four stone wall rising from the horizon. Each wall progressively higher than the next. Everyone entering the city is questioned. Those there to fight for the city are given orders. Looking as stout and capable warriors your group is given orders to report to the Council of Elders at sunrise the next day.



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