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Ozzytizer: All right so for the main party I’m going Goliath Battlerage Vigor Fighter, and for the Stormwolves party I’m going with an Elf Seeker instead, the Mino will be for a different party setup one day! I’ll post the builds later in the week hopefully.
gun_GRIFFIN: So I’ve made my human avenger for the main party and am about to make my halfelf ranger for the stormwolves. We might have John’s buddy dan playing as well but still not sure if he is or not at the moment. Just thought I’d give a heads up on to everyone.
tesheron: Shifter Druid and Goliath Barbarian.
Stuart: If no one else wants to play leader, I can try my hand at it. Perhaps Tiefling Warlord for main party, tiefling cleric for secondary. Er, now that I look at it, paladin might make better use of the tiefling cha bonus, and it looks like we could use a defender, so I might go with that instead of cleric.

Okay. So I have the current party make-ups.
Stormwolves: Ranger, Barbarian, Seeker, Paladin, (Ardent)
Other Party: Druid, Avenger, Fighter, Warlord, (Paladin)

Post ideas above this line. Thanks!

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Character Idea Page

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