The Home and Back navigation buttons for this site are the work of Arsheesh. Arsheesh has made several navigation buttons that he has opened up to the community to use and can be found on his Tales of Darkmoon Vale Campaign site. Thank you Arsheesh.

I would also like to thank Chainsawxiv for his templates that I have used in creating the wiki home page and Deity table. His templates are available to the community as well, and can be found here.

The map of Elsir Vale was drawn by hand using the Scales of War maps of Stonehome and the overview map of Elsir Vale. This was my first attempt at mapping. I used GIMP to do all the work on the map after drawing it by hand. Since this was my first attempt at mapping I referred to a tutorial by RobA from Cartographer’s Guild. Here is a link to his fine tutorial.

The elaborate decorative font that I use on several pages of this site were taken from Fontennium. The The old decorative script font that I use also was found on this site. The site has a number of unique and useful fonts. I know I can’t wait till more of the elaborate letters are added to their web page.



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