Night Fury

Shifter Druid Preditor aspect


Str 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 18, Cha 8

Max HP 36, Bloodied 18, healing Surges 9/9
Initiative 6, Speed 7, Passive insight 20 perception 21

AC 17, Fort 13, Ref 14, Will 16

Skills; Acrobatics 9, Athletics 2, Dungeoneering 5, Endurance 2, Heal 5, Insight 10, Nature 10, Perception 11, Stealth 5, Thievery 2

+1 Summer Growth Totem, +1 Pouncing Beast Hide Armor, Spear

Feats; Wild Sence, Primal Instinct

Race/Class Features; Razorclaw Shifting/ Wild Shape

Male, Unaligned, God – Raven Queen

Abilities/Powers; Wild Shape, Storm Spike, Call of the Beast, Pounce, Cull the Herd, Call Lightning, Fires of Life, Obscuring Mist


Hundreds of years ago before the humans were apart of the northern plain, many tribes of shifters roamed the plains following the migratory herds. They were a peaceful race that has for hundreds of years learned to live one with nature. Most the shifters in the area were descendants from the great Lycan Yongatis and the weretiger Arora. Pushed away from their homes they found refuge in the great plains of the north and over time the shifters were born.

One hundred and fifty years ago the humans of the south lands had over grown their lands and migrated north to the vast plains. The humans fearing our uncanny looks of our ancestors send their armies and slaughtered thousands of my kind. From that point on the few survivors were hunted and chased across the plains and surounding forests. The survivors formed small packs to stay alive and keep our race alive. Our lives changed from nomadic hunters to stalking scavengers.

At least one pack was different. The pack was called the Night clan. I say was cause I got them killed. My clan was fierce and did not sit by and watch the humans chase us we fought back and struck at every weak point. Our clan was famous in the area known as the Night Fury for our tactics of striking at night and without being seen. It was all my fault I was careless and new to the game. I was followed back to the den, and all I can remember is waking up in the blood of my kin. I want revenge. Its sad now I am the only survivor and all alone.

I have been fine on my own staggering supply lines and tearing apart caravans. I have even attacked a few militia. I have heard through a whisper that there are other shifters about. I have been seeking what is called the Lair of Yongat, said to be a safe place and home to many surviving Shifters. I know little about what or where to look for, but I am sure it exists.

Recently, I have heard of the war that is about to brew from the massive orc army marching on the plains and set on the destruction of all things. I would not care much but I am somehow affected by this seeing the innocent women and children dieing. It reminds me of the past my past and the horrible things I am told were done to our peoples. I cannot idoly stand by and watch this I have to do something. I would rather the humans survive than deal with the rage of the orcs. .... I will do something…. I am silent death.

Night Fury

Ternocki Di Aryte tesheron