Eoffram Troyas


Councilmember Eoffram Troyas is a new addition to the Brindol city council. As such, he is less prone to the traditional means of accomplishing important tasks. In a short time, he has established a reputation as an outspoken, and sometimes combative, public figure. A half-elf, he has shown little of his race’s good-natured tendency toward patience. He is not quick to trust and interviews adventurers he employs before hiring them.

When Brindol recently fell under the attack of the Sinruth’s Red Hand, Eoffram hired several adventurers that had recently arrived in Brindol. These adventurers proved themselves during the attack helping to defend the city from the raiders. He found they called themselves, The Stormwolves.

Eoffram hired them to save several members of the town that had been abducted and to retrieve artifacts that were stolen. The Stormwolves proved themselves yet again. Successfully rescuing the towns residents and the acquiring the artifacts.

Eoffram Troyas

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