Ternocki Di Aryte

Temple Depths

Temple depths

Part One:
After tending their wounds from combat, a mysterious event took place before their eyes. A glyph of appeared beneath the feet of Night Fury. The glyph appeared fist as on outline in the stone floor before it began to glow taking on the color the leaves in summer. At the apex of its glow and color it exploded with a brilliant green light devouring Night Fury. As the light faded, the shifter, was gone along with the glyph. Still caught in wonder at the disappearance of their ally a tapping sound is heard outside the temple.

Making his way through the open doors of a temple is a man dressed plainly carrying a staff. Immediately the group can tell he is blind. The party tells him it is not safe here. That orcs have overrun this temple and he should leave quickly. The man scoffs at the adventurers believing him to be a helpless cripple. Looking the man over Aurick notices a wooden symbol of The Raven Queen and is pleased to see another follower of his Goddess. Vir moans complaining, “Not another one.” The blind man, Hesiod, alludes to a tiefling he is in search of and asks to examine the face of Aurick, but Aurick is not the one he seeks. Hesiod does decide to help the adventurers with their mission at the temple, they reluctantly agree to his help, and descend the steps behind the desecrated alter.

Below they find a scene few words can ever describe. A scene of carnage. Dead dwarves, some still in their nightclothes, litter the floor, blood painting the gray stone tiles, walls, and columns of the great hall. In the light cast by burning braziers, they see the butchers: more orcs ready to fight. It was a bloody battle. Even the most hardened amongst them nearly fell to the blades of orog warriors. They managed to survive without causalities.

While resting they searched the chamber and bed chambers attached to the great hall. Finding a few items that could be worth while and a small amount of gold. As they approached the end of this hall the floor gave way to reveal a massive cavern. A long narrow staircase and a series of landings lead down to the cavern floor over a hundred and forty feet below. Moving down the staircase they spot a group of orcs ascending the stairs. With nowhere to hide the orcs spot the party and charge forward to battle. Three orc bolters held the party at bay for most of the fight and nearly sent the goliath to his death if it was not for the warrior of Kord catching him as he fell. With a their range disadvantage the fight was brutal for the adventurers costing them much of their strength and blood.

Part Two:
Reaching the lowest levels of the temple, the party steps into a large forge room. A fearsome blaze rages on one side of this natural cavern, making silhouettes of the orcs gathered here. The roaring fire fills the room with bright light and the ceiling rests 30 feet overhead. Several forges in this room are lit and roar with flame. There are several large piles of rubble looking as if they came from a cave in. The orcs seem intent on something on the opposite side of the room, where you can here grunts and shouts above the roar of the flame. Peering to through the smoke they see a dwarf being beaten by a hulking orog warrior. The only live dwarf the party had seen since entering the temple grounds. Hesiod and Aurick hear the massive warrior speaking in a broken common demanding the dwarf open the tunnel.

Before the orcs could realize they were there the four sellswords leaped into battle. Ending the lives of several foes. Though the initial attack seemed to be in their favor the sellsword heroes would soon learn a terrible lesson. Their tactics were poor, causing division amongst the party. Each warrior engaged their own enemies instead of working as a team. Aulrok a talented fighter fell thrice in the fray, once by his only ally Hesiod. By a miracle of Moradin the beaten priest was able to bring himself to stand and fight along side them aiding as best he could with what little healing he had left. As the battle neared its end it was unsure whether they would come out alive. Only two enemies remained, the orog and a berserker.

Both were beaten and bloody. The blind invoker managed to dodge the berserker’s violent swings. While the other four surrounded the orog. Finally the berserker managed to land a hit from his great axe bringing Hesiod to a dying slump. At almost the same moment the orog let out a might swing that ended Vir and Aurick. Their blood pooling about them. Together the priest and Aulrok managed to down the orog, before the berserker could land a fatal blow into Aulrok’s gut. Now, alone again, the priest perhaps more blessed by The Raven Queen than Moradin managed fell the berserker.

Though exhausted and bleeding badly himself, he managed to keep the other from dying. He was even able to restore Hesiod to consciousness.


  • Evacuate the Monastery of the Sundered Chain

Encounters Part One:
Encounters Part Two:
  • Total Part One: 1640 XP (410 XP a character)
  • Total Part Two: 1489 XP (372 XP a character)



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